Bad Credit Loans Are Not Impossible

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Find Out How Much Money Your vehicle Qualifies For!

Is it really possible to get loans with bad credit?

If you have bad credit or low credit scores you still have options when it comes to borrowing the money you need. One of those options is to borrow against the value of your car. Car title loans can be a great alternative for people with bad credit because the loan is based primarily on your car's value and not on your credit scores.

How can a car title loan help me with bad credit?

Car title lenders understand that people have problems that can affect their credit but that doesn't mean that they don't pay their bills. These loans are designed to put less importance on your past credit history by loaning against the equity of your car. All you need is a vehicle that qualifies and is paid off. For the vehicle to qualify it needs to be in decent working condition and have a value of around $3,500. We often work with lower-valued cars but that depends on the vehicle and your personal circumstance.

How Much Can I Borrow On My Auto Title?

You can borrow as little as $2,510 and as much as $50,000. This will vary depending on the value of your car and how much you can pay.

Do you do motorcycle title loans?

Under certain conditions. One of our underwriters will explain when you go over the loan.

Does my car need to be paid off?

Maybe. On newer cars, we can incorporate the last couple of payments into a car title loan.

Do I need to be employed?

We don't want to be in the car business so we do make sure that you have some means of making your payments. You can be self-employed, or even receive income from some source other than an employer such as rental property or annuities.

Is there a pre-payment penalty?

None whatsoever, and this is a key reason why you should use us. Many companies do not want you to pay your loan off early and the pre-payment penalty could be as much as your regular interest payment multiplied by the remaining life of the loan.

How fast does the process take to get the loan?

We will have you pre-approved in a matter of minutes. Then the paperwork can be done in about an hour. This depends on your situation and how fast you can put together the items needed for verification purposes.

Do I have full use of the car?

100% yes. We do not hold your car at all.

How do you determine the value of the auto?

We use the standard information such as the car mileage, year, make, and model but we go further with our enhanced process and add to it the condition, the edition of the model, the engine size, and the options that the car has installed like a sunroof or if it has leather seats. The more you tell us about your car the greater the loan amount can be.

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